Yggdrasil -- 1

In Nordic mythology, Yggdrasil was the "tree that holds up the world". On the Big Sur coast Gordon Newell created this symbol in steel and stone.

The tree form was welded out of Kor-ten steel by Dan Whetstone and Gordon's son Hal Newell.

It was lowered into its permanent place near Partington Cove by a Skycrane helicopter.

Hal Newell, in hard hat, and Whetstone, in light- colored shirt & pants, bolt the "tree" to pre-located brackets drilled into the stone by Vince Desmond and Larry Kraus.


Next, the Skycrane delivered the "world" to its space, cradled in the arms of the "tree".

The "world" was carved by Gordon Newell from Dolomite marble quarried near his home in the desert town of Darwin, California.

Easier said than done, the heavy stone was hard to position properly and stressed the helicopter.  There was real fear that it would end up in pieces down by the ocean.

But hard work & persistence paid off.  Hal Newell & Whetstone & the crew finally nestled the "world" into the niche created for it.

Yggdrasil matches the majesty of the Big Sur coast.

Gordon Newell, after a final moment of communion, walks away from his finished masterpiece.

It's now in place for the ages.

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