Group 3 -- 1955-1960 Sports/Racing Cars

The stars of the show!  To your webmaster and I'm sure to many others these cars are what brings us to historic races.  These cars were the highest evolution of the front-engined sports/racer and the best of them are some of the most sensuous and exquisite examples of automotive sculpture ever created.  The marketplace agrees with us, too.

Prints of these photos are available for sale!

Don Orosco --  Lotus Mk.15
Anthony Wang -- Ferrari 250TR
James Edwards -- Echidna Special-Chevrolet
Andy Leonard -- 
Hustler Special-Chevrolet
Listers and Others -- Turn 8
Nick Colonna & Brent Backman -- Lister-Jaguars 
Bill Janowski -- Monsterati Special
Don Orosco -- Lotus Mk.15
Stewart Smith & Bob Engberg --
Lotus Mk.11's
John Hurabiell -- Lotus Mk.XI 
Nick Colonna -- Lister-Jaguar
Nick Colonna -- Lister-Jaguar
David Love -- Ferrari 250TR
Michael Callaham -- Ferrari V12
Thor Johnson -- Lotus Mk.11
C. Wickersham -- Devin-Corvette
Richard Ruff -- Lotus Mk.11
Bill Babcock -- Peyote Special
Michael Malone -- Lotus Mk.15
Don Orosco -- Lotus Mk.15
Patrick Orosco -- Lola Mk.1

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