Group 2 -- 1948-1955 Sports/Racing Cars

These cars were the competitors for main event wins in the early 1950s.  B.S. Levy evoked this colorful era in his wonderful series of books about the early days of sports car racing in the Northeastern United States.

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Bernard Juchli & John Buddenbalm -- Jaguar Specials
Jon Shirley -- Ferrari 166MM
Bernard Dervieux -- Allard J2
Terry Larson -- Jaguar C-Type
Jim Herlinger -- Baldwin Special
Bill Perrone -- OSCA MT-4
Don Racine -- Aardvark
Dick Jeffrey -- Austin Healey 100M
Dean Meiling -- Maserati A6CGS
Jon Shirley -- Ferrari 166MM
Bill Perrone -- OSCA MT-4
Ivan Zaremba --
1951 Hudson Hornet

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