Listers and Others in Turn 8

Brent Bachman of Jackson Hole, WY, in his 3870cc. 1957 Lister-Jaguar leads John Mozart of Palo Alto, CA, in another Lister:  this one powered by a 5359cc. Chevrolet engine.  Mozart's car is the ex-George Constantine "Kelso" car that terrorized East Coast racing in 1960.  (Thanks to "Racing Sports Cars" for the Constantine photo.)

#89 is John Hurabiell of San Francisco, CA, in his 1216cc. 1957 Lotus Mk.XI.  Next is Tom Hollfelder of Covina, CA, in his 5359cc. 1959 Devin SS-Corvette (Tom must be saving his Chaparral Mk.I for Laguna Seca!) .  Race winner Don Orosco is next in his Lotus Mk.15, John Willburn of Harmony, CA, follows in his 2100cc. 1959 Peerless Ambro.

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