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Updates:  March -- 2024

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Bob Lan ger's photos from Meadowdale Raceway 4-14-22.                  


Bill Mertz is looking for info on the Ford-powered "Mystery Car" located in the San Diego, CA area.

Bobby Green, with John Bull Motors in El Paso Texas, is looking for photos & info on .the "Bremen Bucket" built by Jim Cassidy in the '50s from a wrecked Borgward (!) racer.
Mark Johansson has posted a map of automotive related museums in the United  States.

The map includes all automotive related museums in the United States and we lited out their address, phone number, and website if that information was available.

Many of these museums put on events like open houses, auctions, swap meets, workshops, and other fun events and they are a great resource for car and motorsport enthusiasts.  We wanted to put togerher a map so people can easily find a museum that is near their location.

Stu Hanssen, the owner of the 1951 Baldwin Special, is looking for the missing 1952 Baldwin Special MK2.  The car was owned by Bill Simpson of Santa Barbara CA & driven by Bill Pollack.
New book!   Weekend Heroes -- Volume 2   by Tony Adriaensens

This three volume set exquisitely documents the history of California sports car racing in the 1950s
From Tazio Ottis:  "I am trying to help a friend who recently acquired a car. It was owned and raced by a John Folkendt from Stockton CA. It appears to be an MG special of some sort and is titled a 1955."

Mike Fuchs is looking for info on the early history of his Ambro bodied Chevy V8 Special.
"Motorsports Challenge:  I was "Challenged" to post 10 photos that represented significant moments in my motorsports life.  I posted my 10 but was having too much fun to stop.  I ended up posting 15.
New Book!  "Meister Brauser-- Harry Heuer's  Championship Racing Team"

Tom Schultz has written the definitive history of Harry Heuer's "Meister Brauser" racing team.  Follow Harry, Augie Pabst, Don Devine, Carorll Shelby and others as they race Scarabs, a sad Bocar, and the most successful non-Jim Hall Chaparra on racetracks across the USA!l

Your webmaster's review of Randy Cannon & Michael Garry's "Stardust International Raceway -- Motorsports Meets the Mob".

Coverage of "Rennsport VI", the fabulous Porsche-fest at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca.  I hope you enjoy my commentary & the "Educational links"!

Carroll Shelby brought the very first Cobra to Riverside for demo laps between races at the SCCA event March 3-4, 1962.
James Dean scholar Lee Rasklin's latest book on the legendary 1950s film actor:  "James Dean:  On the Road to Salinas"    

It features a detailed account of the last days, and last day, of Dean, then 24. The young movie star was killed on his way to a sports car race in Salinas, CA on 9-30-55.

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