Riverside:  November 17, 1957

More of Bob Norton's photos.  These were taken at the final SCCA National event of the 1957 season.

Masten Gregory in Temple Buell's 4.7 liter Maserati 450S #4508.  A contender in one of the most famous races of the 1950s, Gregory led early and finished 3rd.

Gregory, Carroll Shelby in the John Edgar's 450S #4506, East Coast contender Walt Hansgen in a Briggs Cunningham- entered D-Type Jaguar, and rising star Dan Gurney in Frank Arciero's 4.9 Ferrari #0478AM fought it out in a four- way pounding battle on the 3.25 mile Riverside course.

Shelby won after recovering from a spin.  Gurney finished 2nd and established himself as a top-line driver.  Hansgen, his Jaguar outgunned by the big Italian iron, followed Gregory home for 4th place.

Jim Hall, his great days in the Chaparral still well off in his future, drove this Maserati 200SI at Riverside in 1957.
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