Mark Bean's Siata 300BC
From Mark:  "SIATA 300BC ST*403*BC was purchased by Henry Wessells III from Otto Linton's Speedcraft Enterprises. The car was known to have been raced by Henry in 1952 at Reading Hill Climb, Giants' Despair, Convair, Thompson and Watkins Glen. Henry's good friend, Jim Carson, drove the car from Philadelphia to Sebring in March of 1953. The car was not raced and it is unknown if it was registered to be raced. Jim Carson did race the car at Watkins Glen in 1953. ST*403*BC is documented to have been purchased by Herbert Whiting on 12/31/54 but no race records or confirmed activity has been identified. Kaye M. Heir owned and raced the car in the early 60s until it was purchased by it's previous owner, J.D. Iglehart."
More from Mark:  "The car is scheduled to be shown at Amelia Island in 2012 and is being restored by Kent Bain and his group at Automotive Restorations in CT. More documentation and photographs are available HERE. I have been in regular contact with and have received tremendous support from John de Boer, Paolo Epifani, Otto Linton and Marty Stein. Through the generosity of Dr. Fred Simeon, many early records have been reunited with the car.

While I am specifically seeking information, photos and leads on ST*403*BC, I am also interested in the same for all other Siata 300BCs."

If you can help Mark with photos or info on his car or other Siata 300BCs:  Please email me!

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