Rich Campbell's "Mystery Car"

This is an attempt to track down the history of a 1950's fiberglass special. The car (or possibly cars) was designed by Ben Shoemaker of Massillon, Ohio in about 1958.  Shoemaker's business, Fiberglass Unlimited, manufactured a wide variety of products -- from sailboat hulls to church steeples. He also made bodies for the Bobsy Sports Racers...and he made this car. 

From Rich:  "It is a fiberglass body on 1949-1953 Ford chassis. The car originally had a Mercury Flathead engine, but the engine was gone when the car reappeared in the mid-80s. I can track it from its construction in the late 50's to when Shoemaker sold it in about 1961. At that point it disappeared  ?  only to reappear in Connecticut in the mid-80's. Early photos show the car with twin windscreens, Dayton wire wheels, some interesting louvers on the hood and side and sometimes with headlights, other times without them." 
More from Rich:  "The car was painted gold, and one of the photos seems to show the crest of the Tuscarawas Valley Touring Club."
From Rich:  "When it reappeared, the car had been painted red, it sported a rollbar, and a push bar (the kind of rear T-bar that is used to push start a flat lakes racer or a sprint car). 

Id love to find out what happened to the car between the early 60s and the 80s."

More photos and descriptions posted HERE.

If you can help Rich with info on his car:   Please email me!

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