Michael Silverman -- '59 Lister-Jaguar / Steven Hilton -- '58 Lister-Jaguar

Two Listers in Briggs Cunningham livery in the corkscrew.  Silverman finished 12th in his 3800cc. Costin-bodied version.  Walt Hansgen won a National Championship in a similar car.

(7-25-12)  From Mike Silverman:

"Was meandering down memory lane on your website, and saw an entry that needs correction.  In your 2009 Monterey Historics section, Group 6A; there's a picture of me (Mike Silverman) and Steve Hilton in Cunningham-liveried Listers in the Corkscrew.

Reference notes that re: the Costin Lister-Jag, Walt Hansgen won a national championship in a similar car (link to Watkins Glen photo); the car I was racing is one and the same as Hansgen's '59 C-Modified national SCCA champion, chassis #BHL 123."

In 1961, Dave Ridenour was a main event contender in Northern California SCCA races with a similar Costin Lister-Jaguar.  Down south, L.A. area hot-rodder and oval track racer Bob Edmison campaigned a Chevy-powered variant.

13th place finisher Hilton's car, known as a "Knobbly" and also 3800cc, resembles Chuck Daigh's ride at the 1960 L.A. Times Grand Prix.

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