Steve Bush Now Owns the Fubar Special:  (Fubar Special -- 3)

From Steve Bush: "I have been fortunate in becoming the new caretaker of the Fubar special. I met the Dunbars in Reno and heard some stories of the old days. I have a lot of history with Fubar and am putting together a web site and book. I was hoping you can help me in finding people who saw or can tell me about Fubar. I saw Dave Dunbar and Fubar race Feb 1963 at Riverside. It was and is one of a kind. "

From Steve:  "This is a shot of the dash and I have several badges not on the dash. My favorite is Feb 63 Riverside when I first saw Fubar. Followed by the 1963, 64, 65 Riverside division runoffs. I like this shot as I think Fubar is beautiful & classy.  I have been busy getting equipped to travel with Fubar. Bought a new 2009 Dodge Cummins diesel in Texas. First pickup I have ever owned. Drove it home to Georgia and don't need to do 850 miles in a day for awhile. Got home at 4:30 AM and the lanes were getting pretty small by that time. Still looking for an enclosed trailer."
More from Steve:  "I pulled Fubar out in the front yard and took a couple of pictures today.  I don't think my feet have touched the ground since Fubar got here. I remember seeing Fubar at Riverside in Feb 63 and never thought it would work out this well.  It's been raining a lot and driving Fubar home with the slicks was interesting. Thankfully the shipper could get close to my neighborhood.

I have contacted Ernie Nagamatsu to see if he has data on the 322 nailhead that Max sold to David Dunbar. I have it and sometime I would like to install it in Fubar.

Fubar started out white with a flathead, then silver with the nailhead as I saw it. David Dunbar Jr restored it in 2001-2002, installing a 347 Ford and painting it Ford racing blue.. He then raced it in local events.  I live outside Marietta Ga. in area rich with history and a very strong car culture."

If you have photos or info on the Fubar Special that you'd like to share with Steve and/or post on this page:  Please email me!

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