Fubar Special -- 2

Dave Dunbar Jr, the son of the "Fubar's" original driver, has restored the car.  Website visitor "Tom P" attended "Hot August Nights" in Reno, NV, July 31- August 8, 2004 and took these photos of the "Fubar" as it looks today.  Buick powered "back in the day", the car now has a 302 Ford in it with a T5 5 speed.

In this configuration the old "Fubar" is a very cool "hot rod" with its big running boards & giant vintage-appearing headlights. 
The Fubar was a fun car to watch,  loud, crude, not among the leaders, but as entertaining as can be.

I'm glad to see that it survived and is still "in the family" with the Dunbars.

Dash plaques document the "Fubar's" extensive racing history

The Santa Barbara plaque is from the Sept. 2-3, 1961 event where I took my photo of the car.

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