Dick Brashear -- 4:   Dick vs. John "Bat" Masterson

These two Santa Barbara-area drivers (Masterson was from Ventura) had some equally matched races in 1961-62.

Del Mar, Dec. 9-10, 1961.   Brashear finished 6th on this tight course, laid out on the huge parking lot of the Del Mar horse racing track.  Masterson was 3rd, behind winner Scooter Patrick and 2nd place Bob Bondurant.
At Riverside, March 3-4, 1962, the two renewed their friendly rivalry.  Masterson finished 5th, Brashear 6th. 
Dick's memories of racing with John at Riverside:

"Because of the long back straight we seemed to be matched up pretty close. I know it was frustrating for John because I'd manage to get into Turn 9 just barely ahead of him because of more speed down the straight.  He'd almost get under me because of brakes (the Ferrari still had drums and didn't stop at all well, actually the brakes were terrible) and then where his car was really superior was up through the esses, he'd be stuck behind me.  I remember that he did get by though.  John was a better driver than me anyway.  I did love racing the Ferrari, even though it was far past its prime.  Someone told me that I was matching Ginther's lap times at Riverside (He ran that same car there some years earlier). I don't know if that information was true or not, but it did make me feel pretty good."

Movie #1!   See Dick Brashear & John Masterson at Santa Barbara.  May, 26-27, 1962.
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