Dick Brashear -- 5:  The Monza

Before he owned and raced the Testa Rossa, Dick campaigned this Ferrari Monza.

"This is my Monza after a race at Del Mar.  I don't remember much about who I raced against except for one car. It was a Devin bodied V8 powered something or other.  I couldn't catch him and he would have won except he went off course and I was close enough to get by. 

I ran this car at Santa Barbara and managed to crash into Lance Reventlow when he spun in turn one. Three months later I had it back together and entered one of the USAC races at Riverside where the half-speed gear driving the cam shafts broke and the pistons managed to mash the valves up  rather badly. 

Instead of fixing it I bought a new Dolphin F-jr with the Monza involved in the deal. I don't have any pictures of the Dolphin, but I raced it and actually won a Saturday race at Pomona beating Ken Miles and Don Hulette.  Actually that happened, and it sounds great to say it like that, but truthfully I was running third back so far that I lost track of them and they both had problems and took to the pits. The funny thing was I didn't know where they were and won without knowing I was in first."

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