Dick Brashear -- 2

The Santa Barbara driver contributed photos and memories of his days driving Ferrari Testa Rossa #0710 in 1961-62.

"This is a string of cars at Santa Barbara at the beginning of practice at Santa Barbara, May 26-27, 1962.  It's me, #222 John "Bat" Masterson and other cars."   (The other cars are:  #113  Chuck Willis, 3800cc. Devin-Jaguar;  #7 Art Snyder, 1100cc. Genie-BMC; #23 John Timanus 1098cc. Lotus Mk.11;  #36 Ron Cole, 1100cc. Dolphin America.  Apparently spun out in the upper left corner is Ol' Yaller III, entered with Ronnie Bucknum as driver for this race weekend.  TM)
"At Del Mar, April 28-29, 1962 with me leading Jack Nethercut Jr in his Lotus 19. This is in the race.  I'm sure he passed  me.  Even though Jack was a bit overly careful with his car (he didn't want to scratch it) he and the car did outclass me and my much older TR. Jack won the SCCA 3 liter class (western div.) and I was 2nd that year."
"That's me standing with my TR.  Also two great guys, Morice VanderVort (checking r/f brake) and Ronnie Neirenburg (messing with the jack).  This is at Del Mar Dec. 9-10,1961.
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