Pearce "Pete" Woods (Harold Erb?) -- Jaguar D-Type

Just when we get the Pearce/Pete Woods situation clarified, another driver takes the wheel of the Pearce/Pete Woods Jaguar D-Type for this event.   Erb finished 5th in the Woods car behind Bill Krause in another Jaguar D-Type.

(7-20-08)  From historian Ron Cummings:

XKD 528 Engine n° E2039-9 Reg. N° n/a Colour Cream.  Delivered to Hornburg, USA; sold to Pearce Woods of Continental Motors, Whittier, USA January.

(7-22-08)  From historian Ron Cummings:

"The D Type registry says yellow and black. Actually the car was painted a sort of orange and black prior to the 1957 season. I never saw it in it's factory color of either white or cream."

1956 Torrey Pines Six Hours endurance and .Pebble Beach road race; Road & Track test. 

1956 Palm Springs National race, Harold Erb, 3 OA 

1957 Gold Cup Honolulu - Woods 1 OA . 

1957 Riverside - Woods 1 OA (Saturday  ??  RC). 

1958 sold to Carlyle Blackwell Jr. (Hollywood); later fitted with 3.8 engine, 35/40 head and painted yellow & black;Pomona Six Hour Blackwell/Ken Miles 1 OA.   (The car was painted yellow and black and had the 3.8 liter motor prior to it's sale to Blackwell. It had a Halibrand quick change and sometimes raced with Halibrand mag wheels. RC) 

(7-20-08)  From Pearce/Pete Woods' son Mike Woods:  "I don't know for sure, one of his old stories was he used to change his name so he could race in multiple classes with multiple cars in the same day...  I think that was like the "I had to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow" story.  One of his old friends said that if he was racing a British car or European car he used Pearce, when he drove the Chevy powered Devin's he went by Pete.  He always went by Pete when I was with him in the 70's and beyond."

(12-1-13  From author and historian Jim Sitz:  "MG driver Harold Erb jumped from s./c.  M.G. right to the white D-Type.  He was from Whittier.  The Jaguar was usually driven by Pearce Woods… Quite a jump!"

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