Gerald Aarons -- Jaguar XK-120M / Fred Woodard -- Jaguar Special

Aarons, a DNF in the main event, leads 9th place finisher Woodard.  The #173 Triumph TR2 driven by Dick Seage finished 22nd and last.

(7-25-08)  From second generation racer Bill Oker:

"Great picture. The coupe just behind the #173 TR is Bill Binney's Doretti special…with Bill driving. Bill was a great mechanic but notta race driver. He only raced this car a couple of times. As you may remember...Bill was the lead mechanic on the Ed Savin Morgan that Dad drove. This ultra rare  car that Bill built turned up at a Fab50's get together at the Ranch a couple years ago. Not much left of it. Actually I think you were there…

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