Bill Pollack -- 2

More photos from Bill's racing career. 

At Sebring in 1957 Bill, on the left, co-drove this Maserati 200SI #2422 with Lance Reventlow, center.  They DNF'd. The man on the right sure looks familiar.  Can anyone identify him? 

(Historian Ron Cummings thought he might be a young Chris Economaki.  I emailed Chris and sent him this page but no response yet.  TM)

Bill on the grid at Riverside  for the first "L.A. Times Grand Prix"  on Oct. 12, 1958.  He's driving the "Dean Van Lines" sponsored Lister-Chevy.  (Photo courtesy of Norman Milne)
Ron Yates contributed this photo of Bill in a Corvette.  "It was taken at the 3rd Buchanan Field race on July 1, 1956. Bill won this event that day (Race 7 - Production Cars over 2900cc)"
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