Tom Dean -- 1962 Ol' Yaller VII

Tom Dean of Long Beach, CA, was awarded 27th place while "not-running- at-finish" in his 1962 Ol' Yaller VII, another obscure Max Balchowsky creation.  This car was sold without a body by Bachowsky and raced on the east coast with several different bodies.

Historian Ron Cummings on Ol' Yaller VII

"Ol' Yaller VII was sold as a bare rolling chassis to Don Kirby, a driver in northern New York state.  He installed some sort of a body and a Chevrolet motor.  The car was raced in east coast events as "Ol' Yaller VII".  Max, at the time, claimed no knowledge of the car because it was sold only as a chassis. 

According to Reagan Rulau, Brock Yates and some friends later installed an Ambro plastic body that looks like a Birdcage Maserati.  The car now races in that configuration." 

I located this ad for "Old Yaller VII" that appeared in Competition Press Oct. 27, 1962   Vol. 9  No. 8: 

"OLD YALLER Mk 7.  Latest car built by Max Balchowsky.  Corvette 327 fuel- injected engine completely rebuilt.  New paint, concours condition, over $8000 invested.  Don Kirby, Dreamland Park, Rochester 22, N. Y."

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