Mac Archer -- 1974 Sting GW-1

On lap 1 of Sunday's race, Mac Archer of Carmel Valley, CA, leads the race in his 8850cc. 1984 Sting GW-1.  Next is Saturday winner Wade Carter of Woodinvillke, WA, in his 8360cc. 1972 McLaren M8FP.  The menacing black wing behind Carter belongs to the 8300cc. 1971 Shadow of Fred Cziska, Pacifica, CA.  Running in fourth place is John Delane of Redondo Beach, CA, in #29, his 7998cc. 1971 McLaren M8E.

Cziska won, Carter was 2nd, Delane 3rd, and Archer 4th in Sunday's Historic Can Am final.

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