Group 9 -- Historic Trans-Am Cars

My new favorite website!  "Historic Trans-Am" features both the original 1966-72 Trans-Am series and the enthusiasts of today who've brought back the cars and the spirit of this fantastic racing series. 

From the "Historic Trans-Am" homepage:  Here's Parnelli Jones on the original Trans-Am series:

"The Trans-Am was a no-holds-barred, highly competitive series. We had the best American drivers, we ran on the best North American circuits, and we drove cars that were spectacular to watch and that the fans could easily identify with. The Trans-Am was the greatest road racing series that has ever been run over here."
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Chris Liebenberg -- 1971 
AMC Javelin
Ken Epsman -- 1970 Dodge 
Challenger (1)
Ken Epsman -- 1970 Dodge 
Challenger (2)
Steve MacDonald -- 1967 Camaro &  Kerry Hector -- 1970 Camaro
John McClintock -- 1970 Mustang & Ken Epsman -- 1971 AMC Javelin
1970 "Boss" Mustangs
in Turn 2
Dan Walters leads Jim Click & Jim Hague in Turn 2
Dan Walters leads Jim Hague and Ken Epsman in Turn 2
Jim Hague leads Jim Click, Steve MacDonald & Dan Walters in Turn 2

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