Wine Country Classic 2004 -- Homepage

A successful and fun weekend at General Racing's "Wine Country Classic"!  Your webmaster was "pit assistant" on Mac Archer's "Sting" CanAm car and didn't have as much time as usual to trudge around Sears Point Raceway (now called Infineon Raceway") to the best photo spots.  I hope you all enjoy the cars & moments & memories that I DID manage to capture for you.

Group 1 -- PreWar Cars
Group 2 -- Early 1950s Sports/Racers
Group 3 -- Production Cars
Group 4 --1950s Sports/Racers
Group 5 -- Early 1960s Sports/Racers
Group 6 -- GT & Production Cars
Group 8 -- TransAm Cars
Group 9 -- CanAm Cars
Group 11 -- Historic Stock Cars
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