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1-31-13 HMSA Spring Club Event March 23-24 2013 will honor Martin Swig.
1-29-13 Paul Collins IDs the stunt driver in the Ferrari crash in "Viva Las Vegas".
1-27-13 Video!  Dave MacDonald vs. Bob Harris in the epic March 4, 1962 Riverside main event!
Featured this week: Before his Cobra career Dave MacDonald was a winner in the "Simpson" Corvette Special.
Featured this week:  Peter McKercher's photos of 1950s California racing.
1-14-13 New today!  If you appreciate the time & effort that goes into this website, you can now donate $$$$ with the new "PayPal" button above!
Featured this week: Carroll Shelby's first Cobra! The bare-aluminum Prototype ran demo laps at the SCCA race event at Riverside on March 3-4 1962
Rich MacDonald identifies the man in the grey checkered shirt as his father, Dave MacDonald.
Mike Menzel's memories of Bob Harris, Bill Campbell, Dan Blocker, and the Campbell Special. 
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