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Updates:  June -- 2019

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"Sonoma Speed Festival" at Sonoma Raceway!   June 1-2 2019

All photos & webpages posted!!!
Your webmaster's review of Randy Cannon & Michael Garry's "Stardust International Raceway -- Motorsports Meets the Mob".

Posted photos & webpages for the CSRG "Charity Challenge" held at Sonoma Raceway on Oct. 6-7  2018.  CSRG events are low-key and fun, they evoke fond memories of  SCCA races in the 50s and 60s.

Coverage of "Rennsport VI", the fabulous Porsche-fest at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca.  I hope you enjoy my commentary & the "Educational links"!

Coverage of the 2018 "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion".   All photos & webpages Up!
Carroll Shelby brought the very first Cobra to Riverside for demo laps between races at the SCCA event March 3-4, 1962.
James Dean scholar Lee Rasklin's latest book on the legendary 1950s film actor:  "James Dean:  On the Road to Salinas"    

It features a detailed account of the last days, and last day, of Dean, then 24. The young movie star was killed on his way to a sports car race in Salinas, CA on 9-30-55.

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