Peter Revson -- Lola T163-Chevrolet

Revson qualified 5th, then DNF'd with engine failure on lap 65, only 5 laps from the finish.

(3-7-08)  From Can-Am veteran and photographer Ike Smith:

"I don't know the gentleman's name with his left hand on the roll bar.  The guy with the blue baseball cap is Bill Spangler whose Indianapolis shop the car was prepped at.  The blond guy reaching into the car is Eldon Rasmussen who built modifieds and raced Indy cars for a while.  He is Canadian and he and his brother had several martinizing shops in Canada. 

The kid in the black pants and tennys is Boyd Jeffrie's son.  The team was the ROBBINS (Marshall)/JEFFRIES (Boyd) LOLA .  The race is at Texas and the car would not start on the grid so they ran back and pulled the starter out of the Chevy truck that hauled the car and put it in.  There was no TILTON light weight gear reduction starter at the time." 

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