George Eaton -- McLaren M12-Chevrolet

Eaton finished 2nd after qualifying 10th.

(3-7-08)  From Can-Am driver and website contributor Jerry Entin:

"At the back is Luciano Vidotti AKA Lucy. George finished 2nd in this race."

(3-7-08)  More from Jerry: 

"George told me a very good story about that race and I just confirmed it.

Here it is: George Eaton was having nothing but trouble with the engine at this race. He only qualified 10th. He went to practice and they couldn't start the engine. Bruce McLaren came up and asked about the problem. George said the engine wouldn't start and they hadn't the slightest idea what was wrong. Bruce then said let me send my head engine guy over. It was George Bolthoff. George fixed the problem for George. He then went out in the race with no practice. He finished 2nd to Bruce. I just wanted to show how everyone helped everyone else in the day".

(2-9-08)  More from Jerry:

"The McKee Mk.6 of Chuck Frederick can be seen behind George's McLaren M12."

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