Tam's Gardens 

In the 1970s I lived in beautiful places in the Monterey Peninsula area with yards big enough for me to indulge my love of gardening.  My current life with its time and space constraints doesn't permit this -- and I miss it.

1973:  My first garden, in the backyard of a house on 15th St. near Pacific Grove beach.   I shared this wild, hard- drinking place with, among others,  Kent Crawford, Steve Nelson, and Pat Torrey.

The soil was an incredibly rich loam called "Indian shell mound" that needed no preparation.  We ate well from this little backyard farm.

I'm having a staredown here with Kent's black cat "Lucifer".

(Photo by Kent Crawford)

1975:  My parents, Gordon & Eleanor Newell, by the "squash patch" of my largest and most productive garden. 

On LaRancheria Rd. in Carmel Valley,  the hard adobe soil here needed additional organic matter, nitrogen (courtesy of our chickens), rototilling, and plenty of hard work. 

1975:  Me in my cornfield.  The corn eventually grew several feet taller than this (I'm 6 ft.) -- and the yield was good, too.

The tall plant left of center is a sunflower.  The idea was that birds would love the seeds so much they'd ignore the rest of the garden.  

The birds indeed loved the seeds from the giant sunflower heads, but they ate my other plants, too.

1976:  Planting time!  The LaRancheria garden site seen from the roof of the house.  Note "squash patch" mounds on the left and furrowed cornfield in center.  Once I got it going, this garden produced abundantly year around.
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