Scotty Beckett -- Lo-Test Special-Buick

Beckett started with an Chrysler-powered Allard J2X and modified it into this Buick- powered beast.   Max Balchowsky provided the "Nailhead" Buick that replaced the early Chrysler Hemi in the original Allard.

Message from Scotty Beckett to Scott Sperka:

"The 1961 Road America"500" was indeed a special day for the "Lo-Test as we lost the brakes about two hours into the race (brake line failure) and we had to rely on the Balchowsky Buick engine to slow us down lap after lap.   I spoke with Max shortly after the race and he scolded me saying "Scotty, the engine was designed for go----------not to slow".   Another special part of that race weekend was on Monday on the way back to Minnesota we learned that Phil Hill had won the World Championship. 

The "Lo-Test Engineering Special," originally LeMans Allard chassis #3153, has been completely restored back to an Allard and the last I heard it lives in Germany.   I wrote an article on the "Lo-Test" years ago which details all of the modifications to the Allard.   I understand it cost in excess of 1 million $$$ to restore it to its original condition."

(1-16-09)   From Scott Sperka:

Interesting letter to Scotty Beckett from Max Balchowsky re: the engine.

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