Harry Heuer -- Scarab-Chevrolet "Meister Brauser"

A scenic look at "Road America" in 1961.  The car following Heuer is either Peter Ryan's Lotus Mk.19 or ????? (Maybe Ryan?) in the Sadler Mk.V-Chevrolet.  The red car looks like it might be an Elva.  Behind the Elva is a Porsche Spyder.

(12-18-08)   From Scott Sperka:

"The car behind the Scarab is definitely the Sadler Mk.V.  Iíve been in communication about it with Jack Boxstrom, the current owner.  Following are his comments on it:

"It is the Sadler I now own and race, however probably not with Peter Ryan at the wheel though -- it is either Dan Shaw or Grant Clark since Ryan had switched to a Comstock-Canada Lotus 19 by then."

Tom Schultz, Road America historian, however, is quite sure it is Peter Ryan driving, based on his notes."

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