Brent Backman -- 1957 Lister-Jaguar

Was this how it looked in 1960?  Not quite.  The cars are prepared to a much higher level now but the I miss the ragged-edge driving on the slippery "real" tires of the era. 

Still, this is a fairly typical main-event group for Laguna Seca, circa 1960.   This could easily be one of several drivers in a "knobbly" Lister-Jaguar, Ken Miles in Otto Zipper's Porsche RS60, Ron Dykes in the ex-Carroll Shelby Maserati 300S, and Gordie Glyer  in his screaming  red Testa Rossa.

Enough dreaming.  In the real world of 2006 Brent Backman of Jackson Hole, WY,  in his 3870cc. Lister-Jaguar "knobbly" (about the least "knobbly" "knobbly" you'll ever see!) leads Bill Lyon in his 1700cc. 1960 Porsche RS60, Steven Read in his 1957 Maserati 300S, and David Love in his 1958 2984cc. Ferrari 250TR.

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