Peter Ross & Bob Engberg's Lotus Mk.XI

Peter Ross, the current Membership Secretary of the Historic Lotus Register, and who was one of the original unpaid design team members of Lotus Ltd in the early fifties, flew over to watch "his" Lotus XI run at Monterey. He built Lotus XI #202 in his parents' garage with chassis and other parts he got from Chapman "at cost," for work he'd done over the years for Lotus.  Peter has not seen his car in person since he advertised the car in "Road & Track" and sold it to an American back in 1958. 

Peter and the Lotus on the starting grid in Vienna, Austria, in 1957.

This photo shows Peter in the Lotus with his cousin Jill. Colin and Hazel Chapman are standing next to the car. 

Peter was a friend of Chapman's and purchased the Lotus from Colin "at cost" for work Peter had done helping design and build the early Lotus cars.

Peter, now 75 years young, tries out the Lotus in the "Monterey Historics" paddock.

Peter flew over to the Historics
from England to be reunited with the car that he built and raced in 1956 and '57. Needless to say he was delighted to sit in the car once again after 45 years.

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