Pebble Beach -- 2

More of Bob Norton's great photos from the April 22, 1956 Pebble Beach meeting.  These feature the under 1500 cc. cars competing for the "Pebble Beach Cup".

Jack McAfee won the event in John Edgar's Porsche 550.
Ernie McAfee in Harry Chapman's OSCA.

He led the race until his distributor failed and he DNF'd.


Pete Lovely in his Porsche powered Cooper, affectionately called the "Pooper".

Lovely led after Ernie McAfee's DNF, but throttle linkage problems deprived him of victory.

He finally finished 4th.

Thanks to Michael T. Lynch & William Edgar & Ron Parravano's "American Sports Car 
Racing in the 1950s" for reference material!
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