Posting Your Car On "Mystery Cars 4"

"Mystery Cars" is an important and very popular page on my website.  But so many requests for postings were coming in that I simply couldn't provide "Mystery Cars" as a free service anymore.   
By charging a nominal fee of $50.00 I can give these valuable pages the time and attention they deserve. 

What (besides a prompt posting) do you get for your $50.00? 

1)   A page created on this website with your info and photos.  (This placement is for one year subject to renewal.)

2)   Up to three photos on your page.  (More by arrangement.)

3)   Up to 250 words of text on your page.  (More by arrangement.)

4)   A link to your page from the "Mystery Cars --4" listings.

5)   A mention of your posting on the latest "Updates"  page.

6)   A link to one remote site.  (Your homepage, or whatever.)

Here's an example of a typical page.

If you'd like to post your car as a "Mystery Car": Please email me!

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