Franco Beolchi -- 1960 Apache F-Jr.

This unusual F-Jr. was designed & built by Milt Brown, who went on to craft the Apollo GT.

From Northern California racer Bill Hinshaw:

    "Today I ran into Milt Brown again, in Orinda Hardware, and he's off into another of his "adventures".  Pat, you probably remember him from Cal Berkeley in the mid-50s, when we started the UC Sports Car Club and often met at Robbie's on Telegraph Ave for lunch, and Milt would droodle his new designs on the tablecloth.

    One of those droodles became the Apache F-Jr, a front-engined cigar-tube sort of thing with an eagle-beak snout and what evolved into a variety of powerplant optioms.  Remember, this was in the earliest Junior days, when the Stanguellinis and Taraschis were just beginning to show up and Lotus had yet to appear and head the car-of-the-month club.

    Milt built about 5 Apaches, he thinks, and sold them in kit form.  One went to Roy Pike with a BMC engine & trans, who later moved to England and drove for (????).  2 more went to Ray and Ed Ingalls, who finished them with their own internals, 1 more had a Fiat 1100 and 1 had a Simca, and Milt lost traack of them after shipping them in crates.

    Story goes on:  Two years ago a fellow in Italy contacted Milt and announced that he had the Simca car, now fitted with a Fiat, and had entered it in the Monaco Historics '04 and would Milt like to come over as his guest as Il Maestro Constructore, etc., etc.  Milt did so, and was treated like royalty.

    Now the fellow is bringing the car over for the Monterey Historics this coming August, along with a trailer for the car and a pit crew.  Milt is arranging to get them a motorhome, and I sold him a bunch of hardware to put it all together."

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