Lynn Park -- '64 Shelby Cobra / Heather Mozart -- '65 Alfa Romeo GTA

Park finished 24th in his 64 Shelby Cobra. Ms. Mozart finished 13th.

From Bill Atol's "427 Cobra Exposed"

"Lynn Park, began his life long affair with these cars in 1962 when the Cobra made its first appearance on a Road & Track magazine cover.

He was a UCLA student at the time, and with Shelby's Venice-based manufacturing facility close by, it soon became Lynn's home away from home. In 1962, the $5995 price tag for a new Cobra was out of reach for this young college student, but he had befriended the Shelby American crew, and soon had a 289 installed under the hood of his own four-cylinder AC, which was then Lynn's daily driver.

Lynn raced this car until he went into the Army in 1967. Once out of the service, Lynn purchased CSX2046, that was, at the time, a slightly wrecked 289 car. This was the first of the 30 real Cobras he has owned, raced, restored, and generally played with in the last 40+ years.

Lynn currently owns 10, yes 10 real Cobras, including one of the five FIA 289 cars, and one of the five factory-prepared Dragonsnakes. He is active with various vintage racing groups, and has been fortunate enough to have participated in the Monterey Historic Races for over 20 years. His cars have been shown at Pebble Beach, and have won the coveted Tom Senter Award as the best Ford at the Monterey Historics. And for the past fifteen years, Lynn and his wife has participated in the prestigious COBRA 1000 with several of their cars. To top it all off, he has had a long history and friendship with Carroll Shelby himself. Lynn's garage is packed full of the coolest collection of Cobra and Shelby memorabilia a Ford enthusiast could ever come across!"

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