David Love -- Ferrari 250 TR

Love early in his long career with his Testa Rossa.   Love passed away on 10-4-13 and was honored at the "Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge" event.

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(10-25-13)   From Tony Ferrari:

"This is definitely Camp Stoneman in 1965.  (Race dates for Camp Stoneman:  April 3-4, 1965 and April 2-3, 1966.)   (Camp Stoneman was also known as Kirker Creek Raceway.  TM)

David Love used #43 in 1965.  The writing on the fender undoubtedly reads: "S Whitney Griswold Co."

In 1966, the only other year for Stoneman, Danno Raffeto raced #22 the 625 TRC Ferrari recently auctioned for a tidy sum by Mike Callaham. Danno's car at the time had a Chevy engine which had been installed by J von Neuman from whom Danno bought it.

In 1966 I won F production in my MGA Twin Cam - the only race I ever won 
in my short career!  lol"

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