Lou Brero -- Kurtis 500S-Cadillac
Brero Jr. and crew prepare the Kurtis.
In this great period photo Brero in the Kurtis 500S-Cadillac leads Bill Murphy in his famous Kurtis 500X-Buick.  If you know the date, venue, and results of this race Please email me!
What looks like a wild dusty LeMans start!  Brero looks like he's got the lead, unless the #100 Jaguar C-Type has built up a head of steam.  Note the Murphy Kurtis-Buick just starting off.  Also note what looks to me like a second C-Jag behind Brero.  Where and when was this? 

Don Meacham's photos of Brero and the Kurtis at Sacramento:  1955   1956

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