Photos, Videos, Etc.
"Harbor-Post" is Chris Cardinal's pro video house in Stamford CT.  Chris very generously is donating his time & expertise to upgrade the video movies on this website.
Allen Kuhn offers a fabulous selection of photos for sale from our era of racing.  A must see!
"AutoRotica"  Alan Olmstead's Vintage Racing & Classic Car Art Photography.  Very nice work, and check out the other interesting projects from this creative individual.
Check out Tom Farrington's site with his catalog of photos for sale.  Good things here.
The "VP Racing " site sells vintage Porsche factory posters owned by the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Charitable Foundation. A percentage of sales go to the foundation to support cancer research.
Here's Dave Friedman's Photojournalism site with a tremendous collection of historic photos for sale.
Jesse Alexander offers 40 years of top-notch motor racing photography.  Don't miss this one!
The Klemantaski Collection is one of the world’s largest and most varied libraries of historic motor sports photography.
Many links to all aspects of motorsports here at  "The Internet Race Pages/RACEPAGES.COM.
Shaun Lunley has some great stuff on his "Zoompics" website.  Also a link to us!
Beautiful pro photos of this website's era and others for sale at "Vintage Motor Photo" .  I'd love to look through this catalog.  Thumbnails?     Gary Critcher's collection of motorsport photographs and film is available for all types of media: books, magazines, newspapers, TV and video.
Clark Smith offers for sale a pro-quality videotape created from 16mm film shot "back in the day".  It shows most of the cars & drivers featured on this website.     (I bought this tape -- it's great!)
Doak Ewing collects old 16mm films on sports and auto racing especially.  "Most videotapes available on the old days are simply copied from dirty old scratchy films and marketed by guys out of their basements.   However, I'm the first one who has ever actually RESTORED old racing films back to brand new condition and put them on digital masters.  This is very expensive, but the quality of the finished videos is amazing and well worth it.  I sell them for $24.95 each.   You may wish to visit me at  Skip over the baseball and other sports, and go to the auto racing section."
Don Brister offers beautiful fine art photography:  "An abstract image separates and refines the essence of a subject, and concentrates its emotional impact.  From an emotional standpoint, the abstract image should be more powerful than the photograph from which it was constructed".

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