Museums, Concours, Auctions, Dealers, Etc.
L.A.'s Petersen Museum looks at the cultural impact of the automobile, especially as it relates to Southern California. 
The J.B. Nethercutt Collection at Sylmar, California, contains over 200 fine cars.
The "Petroleum Museum" in Midland, Texas is building a new wing featuring seven Chaparral cars and associated interactive experiences.
I recently learned about the "Towe Museum" in Sacramento.
The "Utah Lotus Museum" offers photos & info on historic Lotus cars.
Briggs Cunningham Museum -- circa 1975.
The Pebble Beach Concours is held on the Monterey Peninsula on the same weekend as the Monterey Historic races.
Michael Sheehan offers interesting Ferraris for sale at his informative website.
"RM Auctions"  at the Doubletree hotel in Monterey are a highlight of the Monterey Historics weekend. The auction is held Friday and Saturday nights.

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