Laguna Seca in the Fog

Summer days on the Monterey Peninsula are often foggy and cool.  John Steinbeck called them "Pearl Days".  The rest of California can be baking in 100 degree heat but the fog-bound Peninsula will be in the 50s to low 60s.

Laguna Seca is a few miles inland, and the morning mists eventually "Burn off".  Though sometimes delayed, early practice sessions at the Historics in August are often run in thick fog.


A Bentley rounds Turn 9 in deep gloom.

The Pre-War classes run first, and suffer most on foggy mornings.

The under 1500 cc modified cars brake for Turn 2.

Hard to imagine that anybody can see much.


Steve Earle in Bob Bondurant's old Corvette leads the late 1950s GT cars through the murk. 

It looks like it's lifting since the previous session.

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