Ken Miles 2 -- The Dolphin-Porsche

When Miles wasn't busy driving factory Cobras for Carroll Shelby in 1963, he also drove this interesting little car for Otto Zipper.

Here at Riverside on June 22-23, 1963 Miles finished 2nd to Ronnie Bucknum in Ol' Yaller III in the main event.

Dolphin Engineering of San Diego created competitive Formula Junior designs in 196-62, and also developed the Dolphin America sports car.

The Dolphin America debuted at the Santa Barbara races on Memorial Day, 1962.  It originally used an 1100 cc. engine and ran in class "G" Modified.  Ron Cole drove the car.

Miles was always frustrated by the excess robustness of the Porsche Spyder series.  All of these cars were built tough to finish European endurance races, but this toughness added weight.  For American sprints, Miles sought lightness, first with his Cooper-Porsche in the early 1950s.  In 1963 he put a 1700 cc. RS61 engine in this Dolphin.

Miles' Cobra duties kept him from fully developing this car.  The concept came to fruition with George Follmer's Lotus Mk.23-Porsche that won the USRRC points race in 1965.  Elva Mk.7-Porsches also did well in Under 2-liter racing in the mid-60s.

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