Chuck Parsons -- Lotus Mk.23B  (5)

July 9, 1963:  #10, Chuck Parsons in Randy Hilton's 1600cc. Lotus Mk.23B rounds Turn 1 at Laguna Seca on his way to victory in the USRRC event.  Chasing Parsons is 3rd place finisher Skip Hudson in the Team Meridian Chaparral Mk.1.   Moving over for the "fast guys" is Stan Peterson in #7, an interesting Ferrari.  Peterson drove #2643, a special 250GT which is considered a prototype for the upcoming GTO.  Peterson finished 10th and 5th in the GT class.  Bruce McCaw owns and races the car today in historic racing events.

                                                                                                           (Photo Courtesy of George and Linda Peterson)

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