Dave Ridenour -- Costin Lister-Jaguar

Laguna Seca, October 21, 1961:  Ridenour won the Saturday support race for modified cars.  In the big pro event on Sunday he lasted about one second -- Bob Bondurant's Corvette sheared the sexy aluminum bodywork right off the Lister in a starting line crash.

Your webmaster loved Costin Lister back in the day, especially this one.  The 1959 cars with this sleek bodywork actually weren't any more aerodynamic than the earlier "Knobblies".   Ridenour's car was raced by Ivor Bueb for the Lister factory and was a well sorted-out car, compared to some of the other Costins.

Here's a look at another (non-West Coast) Costin Lister, this one Chevy-powered.

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