Celebration of Ferrari

Fifty of these Italian automotive jewels lined up along the expensive shopping street, one for every year of Ferrari's presence in the USA.  They outshone even the high fashion clothing, jewelry, watches, and other high-end accoutrements available for sale in the shiny shops along these famous three blocks.

A sight to scare Corvette racers in the late 1950s-early 1960s, an "Italian Racing Red" Ferrari 250GT SWB.  These cars raced in Class "A" Production and in the hands of Ken Miles, Bob Grossman, and others were frequent winners in SCCA Nationals and other major events.
Ferrari after Ferrari after Ferrari...  Up one side of Rodeo Drive and down the other...
Not all the Ferraris were old-school classics.  Here's a new "Enzo" and an "F50" -- super high performance supercars for the modern era.   Behind these two super-Ferraris is another high-end superduper car -- the new Porsche Carrera GT!
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