DeSoto Ghia -- "Adventurer II"

This enormous "Dream Car" was a standout this year.  Flamboyant beyond belief, this beauty would be the perfect accessory for many a film, music, or sports star.

"1954 DeSoto Adventurer II by Ghia (ID# 14093762).  One of the most beautiful & desirable Motorama show cars Chrysler ever built!  Great changes and a new exciting atmosphere became evident with the hiring of Virgil Exner as chief stylist at the Chrysler Corporation. 
For the first time in twenty years, since the Airflow, new and startling "Dream Cars" were being created by the company.  Designed by Exner, he never claimed much credit for the "Adventurer II", attributing it mainly to Luigi Segre and Giovanni Savonuzzi at Ghia, the builders of almost all the Chrysler "Idea Cars". 

This car left the Ghia shops for a series of automobile salon appearances where it was the center of attraction, as it often is today.  It was purchased from Chrysler by the King of Morocco in 1956 but as a two-door coupe it proved impractical for him.   It was sold to an American State Department diplomat and it has had only two owners since.  Interesting  features include an electrically controlled sliding rear window and matching luggage."

Info from "The Ghia Website".

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