Chuck Croteau's Porsche Spyder Special

Chuck Croteau is looking for info on his 1953 Porsche Spyder Special.

"We were told this 1953 Porsche powered Volkswagen Spyder Special was built by two unknown guys at a Hollywood speed shop using a donor Volkswagen tub and frame. Then we were also told it was Inglewood California. We don't really know which city is correct." 
"The car was built to compete in the 1955 Pan Americana race, commonly known as the Mexican Road race, using all 356 Porsche mechanical components and an unpainted custom design alloy body. This lightweight car was very very fast for its day. Just before the 1955 race the Mexican government canceled the event as a result of the horrific accident at LeMans in 1955. The Special was then raced at Riverside and
other California road and track event for approximately 10 years until it was sold to the young artist Baron Margo." 
"Margo called the car "EL Mangosta" and drove it on the street for a few years around Hollywood. But as it was scary fast for the street, it was hidden away in his garage around 1961. Margo then parked it in his barn.  There it stayed untouched for nearly 50 years. 

The last owner John Mueller discovered the car and bought it from Margo. He had it sympathetically re-commissioned to its original specs and presented as it might've been raced. The current owner is looking for history like: Who built it? Did it race in southern California? Who drove it? We did find a decal inside the car that reads: Golden Gate Region 7th Annual Porsche Parade Laguna Seca 1962."

(2-9-12)   More from Chuck Croteau:

"I talked with the last owner finally.  I lucked out, his daughter got on the phone with him.  She helped verify the story. 

The car was found in El Segundo Calif. in 1970 in a body shop; at that time it was painted white. The car was owned by two brothers who had a VW shop in Inglewood Calif.  They told Baron the car was very fast and that they had raced it around southern Calif. We did find a decal on the inside of the driver’s door area. On the decal was written "Golden Gate region Porsche Club of America 7th annual Porsche Parade Monterey “62”. 

The Baron stripped the white paint and removed all the Bondo.  He then polished the aluminum and drove the car for several years. The car was too fast for the street with a S90 engine. So he put it away in storage for thirty years."

(4-8-12)   From Michael Jacobsen:

"There was a guy named Glen (?) Hostettler who raced a VW/Porsche spl that looked very similar to this one. It was painted red I think. Don't know if it's the same car."

If you can help Chuck with info on his Porsche Spyder Special:  Please email me!

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