Pete Lovely: Cooper-Porsche -- Pebble Beach, April 22, 1956

A legend documented.  Lovely was battling for the lead with the Porsche Spyders of , J.P. Kunstle, Jack McAfee, Richie Ginther, and the OSCA of Ernie McAfee when his throttle linkage broke.

Lovely soldiered on to finish 4th controlling his RPMs by reaching back and moving the "stub of the carburetor arm".  (Info from Al Coppel in Art Evans "Pebble Beach Remembered" p.175)

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The story of this incident as reported in Sports Cars Illustrated, August 1956:

"Despite his trouble, Lovely was not through. Pulling off to the side of the road, he made a few necessary adjustments on his rear mounted engine and finished fourth, operating the throttle by hand for the last half dozen laps. Although Lovely's feat was roundly applauded, it came close to inspiring several cases of apoplexy before it began. With the crew becoming somewhat livid from shouting for him to get rolling again, Lovely sat calmly in the car for several minutes before even getting out and looking for the trouble. Few spectators ever found out that this wasn't mere nonchalance, but a matter of his inability to move his right leg, which had gone numb from the hip down." 

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