Bill Pollack: HWM-Chevrolet -- Pebble Beach, April 22, 1956

Pollack finished 6th after leading in his debut race in the famous "Stovebolt Special", owned by Tom Carstens.  The car was an HWM Sports/Formula II car with removable fenders originally powered by an Alta engine.  It was one of the first sports/racers to be powered by the then-new "small block" Chevrolet V8. 

(12-2-13)   From author and historian Jim Sitz:

"In its original configuration, with its 2 litre Formula 2 engine, the HWM was raced by Moss, Macklin, and Collins in Europe.  

It was used in Kirk Douglas' movie  "THE RACERS" in 1955. Owner Tom Carstens had to buy ALL THE CARS from the 20th Century Fox studio just for this car.  He then sold off all the Italian machines. Carstens also owned the famous black Allard used by Pollack to win at Pebble Beach 1951-52."

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