Greg Meyer -- 1958 Devin SS-Chevrolet /David Swig -- 1957 Monsterati Special

Meyer finished 4th in the Group 6A final in his 5555cc. car.  Lew Spencer campaigned the fastest racing Devin in 1961 (which might be Meyer's car).   Swig finished 17th, far from his usual slot near the front in his powerful car.

What's Jeff Abramson's Morgan doing out there?  Reliving history, that's what.  And another Lew Spencer connection... Spencer was a Class "C" Production champion on the west coast in the early 1960s in his famous blue "Baby Doll" Morgans.  At least once the tech officials frowned on Spencer's car and bumped him out of the production class and into the modified ranks.  He did well in his day; Abramson finished 8th on this day.

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