Luca Maciucescu -- 1959 EDP Special

Comments on this car from this website's Facebook page::

From Steve Silverstein:

"I'm at an advantage being in the North East. It is Eno DePasquale's Special. Really neat car built in the late 50's/early 60's. Eno built it, raced it, sold it, found it years later on a farm and then started racing it again with the VSCCA."

From Luca Maciucescu:

"Here is a photo of it back in 1961 running at Lime Rock.:
It was built in 1858-59 by Eno DePasquale. He got his racing license using this car. It was used for road and drag racing. Aluminum body on a modified 54 Chevy chassis. This was its first outing out West."

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