Michael Jacobsen -- 1934 MG Magnette Spl. / Pete Thelander -- 1934 MG NE

Photogenic early MGs in the esses.  Jacobsen and his Magnette Special and Thelander in his NE were both non-starters (according to my printed results) in Sunday's "Group A" and "Race Group MG" events.

Next is Ernie Page in his 1933 MG L1, also listed as a non-starter in both events.

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(4-9-12)   From Michael Jacobsen:

"The car just got an engine rebore and general overhaul.  Did I tell you that last summer I learned it was raced by the original owner (Dr. Raetz of Cologne) at the Nurburgring in 1936?  He put the rubber band suspension it it; I also found a pix of Harvey Mayer in the car from 1948 (we bought it from Harvey in '53).  Both photos attached.  

The Raetz photo shows the original NA 2 seat body; the Mayer photo (taken by Dick van Osten editor of Auto Speed and Sport) shows the bungee IFS and the lightened body."

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